Thursday, April 25, 2013

The end of an era... and the beginning of a new

The Tiny Casita made its way to its new, but somewhat temporary home while the new owner (yes, I said new owner) completes the work, and prepares her for her more permanent home. It was a bittersweet morning indeed.

However, we decided that now that we’re a small family, and because we already have a "permanent" vacation home in Mexico, that we want to be more mobile. Each weekend a new adventure! Where the wind blows! With that in mind, we’ve purchase a vintage molded fiberglass trailer; sometimes refer to as an “Egg”. Our is a 1972 Compact Junior made by Hunter.

The great thing about these fiberglass campers is that they’re very lightweight. This one comes in at around 950 lbs. That means we can tow it with our Jetta TDI wagon rated for 2000 lbs. towing capacity. Plus, we normally get around 55 gallons (highway) per mile without the trailer. We’re hoping to get around 45 while towing which is really great.

The camper doesn’t look like much now, but by this time next year, she’ll be a beauty!

For now, I’ll be heading down to Pueblo this weekend to tow her home. Our plan is to enjoy her the way she is for the summer, and start a total restoration next fall. Stay tuned...