Thursday, February 26, 2015

Breaking Ground

It's been a long time sense I posted. We've been busy thinking about all our options for our build, getting estimates, calling shipping container companies, saving our pennies, etc.

After much debate, we've finally settled on having a small concrete block house built by local Sayulita builders. We officially break ground the second week in March. I designed the house in SketchUp. It's small and simple (600 sq ft) but uses an open floor plan and what I hope will be a good use of space. We're also having it built in a way that will support a second floor if we  eventually want more space. For now, the roof serves as an awesome patio.

I was really hoping to build it myself, but taking a year off work just isn't in the cards right now. Also, my wife was stung by a scorpion last time we were at the property. That was a good indication that we need a safe place. The camper has officially run its course.

Lastly, after adding up the cost of building a shipping container house, it was about the same $ to have a small (but bigger than a shipping container) block house built.

So, with a little luck, we'll be receiving the keys to our finished house in a few months. I'll be traveling down to check on progress every few weeks.

Here's a couple images the house and the floor plan.