Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mexico Vacation... kinda

Vacation or work? We spent December 22-Jan. 30th at the Sayulita RV park near town and the beach. The closer we got to New Years Eve, the crazier things were getting in town so we packed up and headed out our land. We were hoping to have water and a septic tank but as things often go in Mexico, we found ourselves behind schedule. No worries we thought, we have on-board holding tanks for freshwater, gray water and black water. It was harder than we expected to conserve water, especially because it was hot and for the first few days, we had the RV facing the wrong direction and we were fully exposed to the sun. We eventually turned "Punchita" around so that the sun was blocked most of the day and we could rest comfortably under the neighboring Mango tree. Nice! 

Here you get an idea of our lot and the land surrounding it. That's the ocean in the background, about 15 minutes away. Muy tranquilo!

If you walk further up the hill you get a better perspective. Thats the river in the background, which runs full durring the summer rains. Pretty dry right now.

Once were at the lot we quickly realized just how important it is to have fresh water. We told the builders to abandon the hole they dug for a septic tank and asked them to continue to dig, and don't stop until the hit water. It took 2 guys, 2 more hard days of digging but they hit fresh water at 5 meters. Big props to these guys. They worked harder than just about anyone. I certainly wouldn't want to dig a well by hand.

Here I am showing off our new fresh water supply. They'll finishing digging and building the walls next week. The whole project should be completed in two weeks. 

Lastly, here's a video of the area around our lot. You'll need to cut and paste the link into a new tab. Warning: It's a little long!

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