Monday, March 26, 2012

A race to the finish (exterior).

The neighbors have been surprisingly supportive. In fact, many stop by and ask what I'm doing. They genuinely seem to be pretty excited when I tell them, "I'm building a house of course".

However, I don't want to push it, so I made a goal of having the exterior finished by the middle of April. Tic Toc.

The color scheme is going to be the same as our "real" house so hopefully it will look better while sitting in the drive-way. At least it will be funny. "Hey look, there's a big modern house and a tiny modern house"

Over the past week I glued and screwed together the roof sheathing, built much of the loft, and finished the exterior sheathing. I used fiberglass "Bondo" to seal the seams and gaps. 

Below is where I ended the weekend. Doesn't look like I accomplished much, but the exterior is just about ready for the next step. Waterproof coating.

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