Friday, September 4, 2015

Finished!... for now

Well, thats a wrap! The basic structure is finished and ready for the next phase, interior painting, decorating and landscaping. Will also install solar, and secure the property.


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Russell Lawson said...

You have a great blog, I would so appreciate to contact you with a couple questions of mine, because I am looking to build a light weight tiny home on wheels using steel studs. I have come up with designs but by no means have ever used steel studs before.
What gauge steel did you use on your trailer?
and are there any headers required above windows? I noticed you built a framed floor to rest ontop of you steel frame, if I were to have 8'walls and a loft that starts at 6'6" how would I have to reinforce the wall to support loft bed? or could I just use wood bracing screwed to the interior plywood?

My e-mail is and thanks for taking the time to read.

Marvin J said...

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Ashley Adams said...

Hello is this in PV Mexico ?

Ashley Adams said...

Hello is this in PV Mexico ?

Greg said...

Hi Ashley. Its near PV in Sayulita.

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