Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Space inside?

We've had family and friends visiting so things are moving a little slow on the Tiny Casita lately. I did steal a few minutes to start laying out the floor plan. I did it first on the computer but there's nothing like real-life tape on the floor to get a realistic feeling for your plan. 

It's important to me to lay out the floor plan in a way that everyone has excess to the bathroom without walking through a sleeping area. The two boxes at the top of the photo represent the bathroom space. Shower on one side, toilet on the other. Sliding doors enclose the bathroom on both sides making it feel much bigger than it is. 

The taped off section the right is the fidge and stove. 
The left side is counter space and sink.

Feels really big inside. Hopefully I can keep this open flow and feel when the walls starting coming together.

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