Friday, April 27, 2012

Hit the deck!

It's time to start seriously thinking about the deck. I want to design the deck in a way that it can be opened and closed so that when we're not there, the front door will be locked behind.

My neighbor has some really good design ideas, but I want to make sure what we come up with in the end we can build using used and/or repurposed parts. More to come on this.

For now, this basic idea would use cables that run through 1/2 pipe in the ceiling, down the back wall, and hook to a hand winch hidden under the trailer where the cables can be locked.


Andy Hawkins said...

I love the idea of the door being secured by the deck, that's awesome, can't wait to see it happen

Anonymous said...

We are inspired by your blog! We have an old camper that is virtually useless , but not so after reading your story! Thanks for sharing.

Claudia said...

Thanks for documenting and sharing your story, creating your tiny casita -- it looks fantastic!

I'm sorry that you ended up selling it, but I'm sure the experience has been life-changing.