Monday, April 2, 2012

Another beautiful weekend in Colorado = Productive Tiny Casita weekend!

I had hoped to get the exterior finished this weekend but I came up a little short. Still, a super productive weekend.

• Caulked and sealed all gaps, cracks and openings

• Covered all edges with lightweight galvanized "angle iron"

• Painted ¾ of the tiny Casita, including the roof with 3 coats of rubberized water barrier paint. This stuff is great! It’s super thick, but goes on easy like paint. Only down side is that it’s only available in a few color options. 

• Cut, painted and installed the green siding panels. These are Hardie Backer cement board. They're heavy but they'll also last forever. 

• Installed stainless siding, and a window on one side of the loft.

• Cut and installed front window

• Ripped and installed furring strips on front section. I was having second thoughts about using the exterior sheathing as siding so i came up with an idea to use these vertical strips. I hope that this gives it a more finished and intentional look. If not, I might have to think about another siding option.

This is where I ended the weekend. I haven't finished the roof in the loft because I'm still working up there and don't want to be crawling around. I'll save that for very last. Also need to track down a used exterior french or sliding door. All indications are that I'll finish exterior next weekend. 

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Sandra Ludwig said...

I love the green siding panels! It's a major lift on the aesthetics. I think I'll get sidings in that color, or if I can't find on, I'll go for Avocado instead (which is pretty close) for my kids' tree house which I'm planning to build soon.

Sandra Ludwig