Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lets get philosophical.

So, why a tiny house? Many people build a tiny house in hopes of a simpler life or to reduce their carbon footprint, to redefine the American Dream. All honorable and noble reasons, and we'll do our best along the way to be socially and environmentally aware, but lets be honest, my reasons are more self-serving...

For a long time I’ve dreamt of a small piece of land near the ocean. Possibly in the jungle. Maybe in a Latin country. I didn’t know how we would do it, I just knew that we would. Got to put it out there. Right?

While property near the beach is mostly reserve for millionaires, we are not. I have the feeling that most people thought we were crazy. We would never pull it off, or maybe to them, it’s simply not worth the stress of trying.

So, what does this tiny house mean to me? At a time when my tiny family is about to expand, I feel secure knowing that, no matter what happens in the world, we’ll have a roof over our heads. I know now I can build a house, even if it’s tiny. It means that, even if times are tough, we’ll have a place to go and bond as a family, to create memories and recharge. Shouldn’t quality vacation time with your family be reason enough to build a tiny house?

When you think about getting back to basics, what could be more basic than family? Change starts at home. The circle grows wider. We’re happier. We enjoy our lives. The connection between each other grows stronger.  The world is a better place, or at the very least, our “tiny" world is a better place.


Valerie said...

I love your tiny house. It is just beautiful. I also love the Sea of Cortez. I have spent some time down there.

Good for you for going after your dreams. I look forward to reading more of your familie's adventures.

Greg said...

Thanks Valerie! Getting excited to get the house finished and on its way to Mexico :) Let the adventures begin!