Monday, November 5, 2012

And now for some good news

I’ve been spending most of my energy getting ready for the trip to Mexico. However, while I've been busy gearing up, my step dad was here for a visit and offered to help out on the Tiny Casita. So while I was at work, and too busy making alternative plans for Mexico, he jumped in and coated the entire interior with two coats of Thompson’s water seal. It looks great! The sealer really popped the wood grain. So in addition to be all sealed up and water proof, it looks great!

Here's a photo of the carpeted loft. I used the carpet squares so they can easily be taken out to clean, or changed.

Just a few things left to do.

• Install doors and shelving in cabinets

• Sliding doors in bathroom

• Install shelving in kitchen and bathroom

• Electrical switch covers

• Install bamboo floors

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