Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mission accomplished!

It was quiet a trip to Mexico! Upon arriving I found a dusty old RV that looked worse for wear, and appeared to be lost in a jungle of weeds and overgrown grass. “Punchita” looked sad, and I started to second guess whether buying property in Mexico was the right choice.  To make matters worse, I found a few dead scorpions, and a live one inside the bathroom. A year of being covered and left for dead had taken its toll on ol' Punchita.

Time to get to work. With Punchita uncovered and sprayed clean of bugs and critters, I started to clean. As the dust and grime gave way to clean and shiny, I again filled with optimism. It’s quiet here, and beautiful. Flocks of parrots visit the large Mango tree each morning, surrounded by jungle and the warm Pacific just a few blocks away.

In order to get to the real work, I needed to move Punchita over a few feet and then slightly angle her for a better view. Battery still charged but no start. Later figured out it was a failed fuel pump. I "MacGyvered" the fuel pump from the generator with a new wire straight from the battery and boom! She started right up. I pulled her over slightly and laid down some thick black plastic to keep the moisture down and the bugs at bay.

Water: My original plan was to shop at Home Depot shortly after arriving in Mexico.  However, the Home depot was a crowded mess and didn’t have what I needed. I ditched Home Depot and decided to buy my supplies locally, which I feel better about anyway. With the help of the guy we purchased the land from, a few hours later I had a large cistern sitting on top of a block platform, filled with clean water and gravity fed into the RV. A solar powered 12volt pump provides pressure inside the RV. Water! This is HUGE!

Septic: I wasn't sure what I was going to do here. Buy a tank and have it pumped out now and then? Install a Biodigester? Great idea, but available by special order only. Then I got a crazy idea to build micro version of a real septic field.

With two 55-gallon Rubbermaid trashcans, some PVC pipe, some yeast to start the breakdown process and a few hours of digging our septic was complete. The idea here is exactly like a real septic. First tank traps solids and start the breakdown process. Any solids that make it into the second tank breakdown here. Remaining liquids disperse out the PVC leach field. I may decide to lenghten the pipes here eventually. We'll see how it works first.

Black water feeds directly into the septic system while the gray water can either stay in the tank until use, or go directly into the garden. This should be fine for occasional use. We'll be using only natural soaps and cleaners. Disclaimer: This septic system not legal anywhere! Use at your own risk.

Deck: I was hoping to source local wood but sadly, the lumberyard in Sayulita was out of the boards I needed. I trip to Home Depot in Puerto Vallarta and an hour of work and I have a nice deck. Something about a deck just feels better… and it helps keep the interior of the RV clean. PS, not sure this is what Thrifty had in mind when they rented me the car...

Love it when a plan comes together. With the help of a local gardener we cleared the land tall dead grass. The grass will grow back quickly and bugs will stay away if we keep it cut. Fridge and stove are both running smoothly on propane and I even have hot water. Cold beer and a hot shower, who can ask for more? Taco and cerveza time!