Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cabinet Grade

I was going to stop by the repurposed materials store after work on Friday but they were out of the insulation sheets they usually have. Instead, I picked up a few sheets of cabinet grade ¾ plywood. I looked all over Craigslist and the recycle building supply stores but no one ever seems to have decent plywood. This is also a major focal point and needs to not only look great, but function great as well. Well worth it to buy the good stuff.

I usually map out my cuts to maximize each sheet, and I have the guys at the lumberyard make the initial cuts. Once the 4x8 sheets are cut down to smaller pieces, it’s much easier to manage detail cuts on my own. Also easier to load in the van.

I made pretty good progress roughing all the kitchen cabinets.

Below: The stove section, the fridge and below the hot water heater.

Here you can see the hot water heater. I cut through the siding so that it can vent properly.

Below: The sink cabinet with the water tank. I cut and sanded the doors for the cabinets as well but I'll wait until the very end to install the doors. Much to do before.


Kelly.R said...

I am so impressed with your tiny house and have officially added it to my blog reader! I am also extremely fascinated by the little glimpses of your not so tiny house in the background. So much so that I have gone through all your posts in hopes of seeing more of it! Especially in contrast to your neighbors' houses. Can't wait to see the finished product! Good luck!
PS do you have another blog about your big house ;)

Greg said...

Thanks Kelly! We live in a 1959 Mid-Century Modern that we've completely renovated. Knowing that the Tiny Casita was going to be sitting in the driveway for a year, I tried to design it to "match".

I don't have a blog about our big house, but if you send me an email, I can send you a couple pictures.

Anonymous said...

Heya Greg,

Found you through the tiny house blog. Love your design and what you are doing- made it all the way back to your initial trip to Mex with the RV. Even ended up looking at property in Sayulita.

Check out the Bumfuzzle blog if you haven't yet. They're a sailing family that end up in Puerto Vallarta a lot.

We're currently in Austin planning another escape living out of an RV. I'm hoping for Mex, wife thinking NW, and teens... ?

All best,
-Greg (barenakedfamily)

Greg said...

Thanks Greg (barenaked).

I took a peek at the Bumfuzzle blog. Super cool! and brave! Really excited to spend some time looking over the whole thing soon.