Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I’ll be heading down to Mexico possibly as soon as next month so I'll need to move my attention toward getting things ready for the trip.

Now that our well is finished, I need to set up an electric pump, which I can run off the generator on the RV currently parked on our lot. The pump will fill a 275 gl. cistern that I’ll raise on a 6’ to 8’ tower. The water will then gravity feed into the holding tank in the RV where a 12-volt pump will run the plumbing.

I wonder if I can get a filter to make the well water drinkable?

This is when they were still digging the well. 

Found these food grade 275 gallon tanks for $80. I would like to get two but unfortunately, I can only fit one in the van. 

 This pump at Harbor Freight for $65.


Unknown said...

Timing, they say, is everything. I just read this article from Mother Earth News about a week ago. Filter your water with a couple 5-gallon buckets and affordable ceramic filters. There's even a link for a simple kit with everything you need. Check it out when time allows.


Greg said...

Great article. Thanks Ben.