Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pipe Dreams

Our long term goal is to have some sort of rental property set up at our place in Mexico. I've been thinking about building 4 tiny houses with a community area with an outdoor kitchen and a pool in the center.

But maybe this is the right idea? Its a "pay as you wish" hotel in Austria made of concrete pipe.


uc said...

Love this idea! I own a rental property and it is just an awesome investment if you can sort it out for cheap (and make it really nice like this!). To do that normally means keeping it really simple, but simple is often beautiful!

Great site, just started following your adventure a few weeks ago.

Greg said...

Thanks UE! I'm a big fan of simple too, and agree that the simplest ideas are often the best, and most beautiful.

whargoul said...

I assume restrooms are in another out-building/pipe somewhere?

Elizabeth said...

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Elizabeth said...
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Unknown said...

Pretty Cool! I want to see one of those in personal.

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