Thursday, September 1, 2011

$200 for a trailer?!?!?!

So, what did I get for $200? He said the trailer was 26'. He was wrong, it's 20'. I'm hoping I can add another 4' to the end.... we'll see about that later. I can salvage a lot of the parts. Sinks, shower, gray and black water tanks and the plumbing, maybe some windows, maybe some cabinets, and of course the trailer.

The trailer has a 7000 pound capacity, with dual-axel and 14" wheels. I was hoping for 15" and maybe this is something I'll change later? Maybe the 14's will give me a little more room to build?

Was it worth the trip and extra hard work? Yes! I'm excited to start the demo, but will try to hold off until my other household obligations are caught up. Also, would be nice to work when it's cooled off some...

Stay tuned, the real fun will begin soon.

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