Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sorry neighbors!

Here's where I started at 7:30 am yesterday. With the windows out, the entire camper nearly collapsed.

Once I started peeling off the siding, the whole thing started to fall apart. My attempt at keeping things organized and under control was a failure.

Soon, the roof caved in...

Then all hell broke loose. What a mess!

I put everything in piles. Metal here, 1x1's there, etc. It took all day. I had originally planned on taking all the metal to the recyclers but when Casper and his son stopped and asked if they could have it. Well, it was well worth the $50 or so dollars I might have made to let them haul it away. Nice guys too. So along with the metal, I gave them all but three of the camper windows. Some other people stopped and took some of the wood. I bagged a lot of the small stuff and set it out for trash collection.

At the end of the today this is what I have left. I'll slowly bag the rest up and leave it for trash day. 

I still need to demo the old rotten platform but, not bad for two days work. Will I do it again? Not anytime soon! That was way more work that I thought it would be. I'm tired!

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