Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm working on the plans using Google's free 3D program SketchUp. I'm planning on building with aluminum studs vs. wood 2x4's. One of the major considerations when building for a tropical jungle climate is mold. I'm also researching wall materials that are healthy for the environment, as well as resistant to mold and rot.  

Security while we're away is also a big concern. In the screen grab above, you can see how the deck will fold up and lock, blocking access to the sliding door-wall. 

The windows will likely have some sort of metal mesh as well.  

Or better yet, I can use 1x1's to make a cladding that would double as a railing for the upstairs porch/green roof. Thats the magic of SketchUp. So easy to plan and make adjustments before you start the real construction.

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