Sunday, September 18, 2011

Demo Begins!

As you can see, I started the demo. Honestly, not nearly as much fun as I expected. It's slow going as I'm trying to save everything I can including the screws, hinges, etc. 

The good news, the camper was NOT worth saving. For a minute there I felt a little guilty that maybe I should do a restore rather than a total tear-down. However, the walls are water damaged and most of the wood is rotton. I've even resorted to wearing a resperator while working. 

Here's the furnace. Its actually in really good condition so I'll reuse this.

You can see the stove in the back here. Also in good condition.

Here's the fridge. Also works great on both electric and propane. I found a company that sells rolls of stainless steel with an adhesive backing. I'll use it on the fridge and it'll look better than when it was new. 

Next I'll demo the bathroom. I can use the shower base, the tiny little sink, and the faucets. The toilet is shot and I want to use either a full size composting toilet, or a regular toilet, as our property in Mexico will have a septic tank.

Now I just need to figure out a cheap and relatively easy way to get rid of the trash. Maybe I can burn the wood? Maybe recycle the aluminum siding? Possibly sell the windows? Probably best to order a dumpster...

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